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April 03, 2008



Quit embarrasing Obama, already. You are pathetic.

Sundress Girl

She isn't embarassing anyone. The videos are great and are bringing attention to issues and people that probably otherwise wouldn't be there. Keep up the good work!


Hey Obama Girl,

I have a challenge for you....now that you have the national spot light...how about exposing real political issues that the rest of the country chooses to ignore? For instances, President Bush signing off on the orders to use cruel and unusual punishment on prisoners. Aren't we living in a Democracy? I wish that our candidates would grow some balls and address these issues, not even your boyfriend Obama is willing to tackle this one.

Your videos get more attention than the nightly news....the power is in your hands.


Have any of you seen that awesome picture of Barack Obama by the fighter jet or that cool one with the black sunglasses?

Check out:


Obama Girl,

I love your videos and that you care about this election. But what matters most is that the right person is to win the election. Not just someone a girl sings a song about. I'm not saying that people shouldn't vote for Barrack Obama. But just remeber there are other canidates and they want this too. Not just him... But i want him to win too but only for the right reason not just cuz i like him.


Hi, Obama Girl,
Have confidence, go further! Some people will criticize your arguments because they only see your figure as the main one. I definitely prefer your ingenuous enthousiasm and your figure as spokesperson, rather than the lies from the others. Go on and stay as you are!

Emmanuel Raymond Emechete

Hey Girl,

Saty off Obama, he is too handsome for 2 women. His wife is a bomb. I kind of accessed her the night Obama won the election. She hugged the great man and all of us in Africa could seee that she's got brains,beauty and a well defined BUMMM.

But then your figure adds more to the campaign. Thanks for adding your beauty.


Obama Looking At Girl.Obama looking at a girl"s butt? Where"s the video?
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