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April 18, 2008


LouiS DiLembo

Obama Girl i think u really nice looking... But This thing with obama, i cant understand ethier u dont know everything about him or u hate this country. The things ive read and heard he is a change for the worse. Do u hate USA????


So let me get this straight. Your entire being is shaking your vapid rump on TV in a halter and when you're asked about your "crush on Obama" you reply with a ridiculous, "it's none of your business." Here's an idea media whore, try wearing pants to the events and maybe people might take you a bit more seriously, if even for a minute. It never fails to amaze me that absolute fools can take off their clothes and suddenly they have their 15 minutes. I cannot wait until you are completely irrelevant. I guess at that point the obligatory spread in Hustler would suffice, eh Amber? Jeez, even your name smacks of porn.

Ted Danson

she's hot

james white-bouyee

While I may not have a crush on Obama Girl, there is at least one american out here!, who wishes to turn! the page on that two long era/nightmare of the Bush/ Clinton dynasty! Heard that following victories?, in both North Carolona & Indiana! Obama may back effort to seat Florida & Michigan delegates?, provided that he is awarded the 40% who vote for none of the above!


Got nothing to say about your post, you really got an awesome blog. Would you mind if i ask you for a link exchange?


classroom management

wow the obama girl is a sweetheart, i met her in new york at a press conference for barack! this election is going to be interesting with all the money being tossed around it better be for the best.


Why John McCain is a shower & Barack Obama is all bath


Hey guys, i'd like to share this video with you. Great video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYnfhFlS6U8 it really gets to the point. Don't let the lines keep you away it's your future. Besides most states because of the expected high voter turn out everyone can vote absentee. You don't even have to leave you house the there is no excuse. Let me know what you think, thanks.


Obama Looking At Girl.Obama looking at a girl"s butt? Where"s the video?
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