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February 17, 2008


Uncle Sam

Please tell me why I should vote for Obama?
He will not speak on 9/11 truth.
He will not address the forensic evidence finding thermate bombs brought down the towers (http://www.journalof911studies.com/volume/200701/Answers-to-Frequently-Asked-Questions-Regarding-Thermite-by-Robert-Moore.pdf).
He will not speak about builing 7. WTC7
He will not address Richard Gage: http://tinyurl.com/911Truth
So as far as I can see Obama willing to lead, even in the face of forensic evidence.

BTW the antrax attacks could have only come from 1 place in the entire world. Any guesses where that is? Do you think Obama is going to take lead on this story?

Aunt Jemimah

uncle Sam, I think you've either spent way too much time in your basement by yourself with Internet access and a large supply of cocaine and red bull or you really just need some social interaction outside the chatrooms about conspiracy theories. I agree that every candidate will not talk about certain things and that the government hides things from us and that there are conspiracies. But dude, seriously, you need to just like chill. Have some orange soda and crackers or something; I hear its soothing.

Brandon Thacker

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Brandon Thacker

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