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January 13, 2008



Obama Girl. People outside America are taking note!

There is that sometimes-overlooked group of voters - Americans abroad. There are also two ineligible groups who would vote Obama if they could (underages and foreign nationals), who nontheless plan to do so when they eventually register.

I am linking this to the Barack Obama Global Vote page.
(Please advice if you object to this posting - apologies if so.)

Barack Obama One World (International Global Vote '08)


Steve Hall

Wish I had made it up there that day:-) As always, Amber looks great and, who knows, perhaps there's a political commentator role in her future. Nice interview skills.


I want my children to have sickel cell too =)


Obama Looking At Girl.Obama looking at a girl"s butt? Where"s the video?
Exclusive funny video here:http://malecafe.net/video/index.php?q=obama-lookingobama looking at girl-video

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