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December 28, 2007



I'd kill to wake up to that...


this goes to you obamagirl, you are beautiful, you are sexy and even more you are all those things you well know and think you are, you do, and i love and i thank you for this happiness you have bring to my once a sick heart and just remember now you have one more fan. A


Forget Obama and Ron Paul girl. Who is that Asian girl? She has my vote

Obama Girl Guy

That's clearly not Obama Girl's arse in those Obama undies!!! Obama Girl's got way more back than THAT!


Obama girl is sexy and fun to look at, I do not think that she have changed the course of the election, but she did help!
Good luck!


Obama Looking At Girl.Obama looking at a girl"s butt? Where"s the video?
Exclusive funny video here:obama looking at girl-video

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you are hot ;) obama girl.

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