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November 28, 2007



I'm voting for Obama because you said to, and you're way hotter than my girlfriend.


Im voting Ron Paul, because he is a great speaker, getting us out of Iraq, and ending the drug war which is a joke, 55 billion dollars spent on it and that has done nothing, I would much rather see that go into defense, or into our schools. He is also bringing down the IRS which is a joke as well, so yeah ^^.


this goes to you obamagirl, you are beautiful, you are sexy and even more you are all those things you well know and think you are, you do, and i love and i thank you for this happiness you have bring to my once a sick heart and just remember now you have one more fan. A


I can't vote but if I could I would vote for obama because I'm gonna be the first woman president!!!


im going to vote for obama because i love him and we should e-mail eachother obama girl my e-mail for yahoo is sierra123gray@yahoo.com


i love you obama girl ur awesome and you should run for president when ur old enough because a lot of people would vote for u because ur so cool and i love ya obama girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U ROCK!!!!!




YES WE CAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




YES WE CAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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but he cant bowl


hey boys call me at 1712307 0959.ill be waiting


You need to get over your infatuation with Obama and try to understand where this guy is coming from...

Personally, I think that Obama is arrogant...and this will be his downfall amongst educated, well-rounded, mature and informed American voters.

I also believe that websites like the one listed below could ultimately determine why more and more Democrats will defect to John McCain's camp.

Unfortunately, there is little about Obama that a website like the one below says that can be refuted...that is, unless you've flunked Philosphy 101 in college,or never got to college in the first place.

Check it out: http://www.chilkootmarketing.com/index.htm

What can be done?

Sooner or later all of us will have to reckon with our conscience and higher intellectual powers and when this occures we will invariably be forced to choose between either 'principle' or the physical attributes of the other candidate.

Which candidate is traveling down the wrong road on critical issues?

Which do you think will win out, come November? '

'Higher principles' or the 'physical' attributes of a particular candidate?

Predictably, older voters will vote in favor of 'principle'... obviously, because they are more concerned about what happens after death and the legacy they will leave behind.

In contrast, the younger voters, since they have more time left in life to recant, are more likely to be reckless and procrastinate with any decision in favor of principle, and will likely vote in favor of 'idealism'...

...and these are the young and youthful voters that Obama appeals to and also why a lot of us older folks see Obama as 'the Pied Piper of the niave'.

However, (which is the next question that begs itself): 'When does Barack's own conscience begin to bother him?'

Personally, I think Obama needs to start thinking about what he can do to 'remake' his image if he wants to win this election.

I'm not sure that he'll want to be that person he's beginning to look like against John McCain...who today represents everything that America stands for.

BUT, if Obama thinks he can win going the way he's headed, then let him go for it.

But, as for me and many like me who sit on the fence until election time in November, we'll still be thinking about having to live with ourselves long after this election is over in November and maybe these are the thoughts that the new young voters haven't entertained yet...

...and, there's still a lot that can happen between now and November...

...and, this probably means that Obama faces a huge political swamp ahead...one that he has created for himself by being too impetuous on some very important issues...

...which has already gotten him into trouble with some of the very wise old parents of the younger generation.

- Jim Carder

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