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September 01, 2007



i do not buy the king magazine but damned that is on ehot picture of you, I think you tease your fans by not putting more of them out there for us to see, you are a beautiful and very hot woman!! Love to see what you do give us though!!


re: Leah

Why is she always looking down or covering her eyes with her hair? She needs to get more comfortable with herself if she's ever going to claim the spotlight.


obama girl?

Why don't you just go to Turkey and pull your panties down in public, instead of waiting to get raped by muslims in america.

Unless you are into snuff, as in getting snuffed out permanently, then I suggest you get your mind off all those rape fantasies you have. With muslims, it always ends in murder, so no rape-heaven for you, filth.


Oh yeah, and she's not hotter than scarlett johansen, nobody is hotter than scarlett johansen.


Love Your vids and pictures. your my type of fantasy keep it up


Leah is a gorgeous girl. Been looking at her since 2008 on youtube.
Damn, keep up the goodwork and girl ya will make it through!

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