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August 23, 2007



in spite of recent criticism you may have received I still think you are making the campaign a thousand times more interesting.
is it possible to arrange for an interview with you per phone, skype etc-?


obama's mama

can we please have anal sex


OK I personally think you are one of the hottest women I have ever seen, and I have been all over the world, so I know of what I speak. As for those that dog you out, so what, they do not pay your bills! I do not like Obama or the democrats but as a retired Marine, I fully support your right to say what you want to say...and how you want to say it!! OOOHHHHRAAAHHHHH


Hey, you're doing a decent job - but I would really vote for Obama if you'd just get naked. That's what everyone wants anyways. Get out the vote, get out of your clothes!


Rock on Obama girl! Keep up the good fight!

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