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June 16, 2007



I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with the lovely Obama girl. She makes me happy and I touch myself. I touch myself so much that white stuff gets on the screen and I have to get Windex to clean it up. At first, it wasn't that difficult to clean. But now, it appears that I have actually damaged my monitor due to the powerful explosion of love grease that smashes into my pixels. Please let Obama girl know that she is invited to my special love making session. I want to make love explosion on her bottom. Love - Me.....


Are the next videos going to be obama related also? I want to know before I donate. -Thanks


=D I think this is just great! lol I love the video and song you made. I'm tempted to make fanart. Alright, I am gonna make fanart!! =D Take care!!

steve ventry

I'm sorry, you got a crush on Dracula.

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