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June 18, 2007


I Kill Baby Niggaz

Nigger loving whore


>>Nigger loving whore
I bet a tough guy, keyboard warrior like yourself would just walk up to black man in NY and say that!
Obama Girl. Europe loves you too!


You shout out JoJo, because she has the typical R&B angled girl by the wall looking out the window?

the blowmister

blow me my cock is huge and i want to put in between your tits my name is morgan. and i bet you are loose like sleeve of wizard.

the blowmister

i heard you like it doggy style very nice. I am very good with eifel tower me and you in middle then horse on the otherside til explosion i hope you like. and all these cock fucker writing on you blog besides me can blow me and im the one for you obama girl. Im black like obama which is very nice. i can be invisible maan sometimes in the dark. good bye obama girl


Fuck obama uhh uhh uhh <3

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