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June 10, 2007



Obamagirl, you have to post this rocking video on YouTube!

What are you waiting for? This has a YouTube hit written all over it.

Great job!


Yes, you really need to get this up on YouTube ASAP.


Dude this is great. I'm blogging about it now. Let's work together to create what I'm calling "Obama Hotness" (Obama gear for hotties, LOL)


If this video actually has a positive impact on the 2008 Presidential Race in Obama's favor, it will only strengthen mine and so many other intelligent voters' disgust at the shallowness and ignorance of the left voters about democracy, what it takes to run a country, and the seriousness of our world today. Universal health care- have you ever heard of socialism or socialized medicine and has it ever worked out well? Not to my knowledge. Check out Cuba.


This video is great. I'm not a fan of him personally, but this is too funny. I love it.


This country deserves a pretty-boy dictator. Admire stupidity and inanity, and you'll get it.

Jeffrey Imm

This sexist video is irresponsible and degrading to women, and treats them like non-individuals without intelligence who can only gauge a presidential candidate based on their "sex appeal". It is an insult and a disgrace to American women anywhere, and is a throwback to the pre-1950s. Shame on you. Clearly you have NO respect for women or for the importance of an issue like selecting a national leader for our nation. What a disgrace. An even greater disgrace is that candidate Barack Obama has not condemned this as the sexist embarrassment that it is. A sad day in women's rights in America.

Moreover, it is also an embarrassing insult to Mr. Obama's wife, who apparently NO ONE cares to show any respect towards at all, including Mr. Obama. Married men: Can you imagine if someone showed this type of insult towards YOUR wife? Would you sit there and be SILENT about it? I don't think so. I'm sorry, this sexist disgrace unfortunately says a lot about presidential candidate Barack Obama by his silence, and none of it is good. Shame, shame, shame - to the people who created this disgrace, to the cowardly mainstream media, and of course, Mr. Obama for allowing this insult to your wife and to American women everywhere to go without your response.

I hope I am wrong Mr. Obama, and you will condemn this disgrace in the coming days. At a minimum, to show respect to your wife.

David Wendland

This video is perfect! We needed some fun in this so far very boring campaign! Good job, hope to see more coming.....

David Wendland

Oh and that Jeffrey Imm guy must be a fag!!! What an idiot that guy is!! This video is the SHIT!!

Jeffrey Imm

David Wendland -
Your type of vulgar, hateful, bigoted comments are precisely what neither the American people or the Democratic Party need. I think your comments sum up precisely the total lack of respect, values, and decency that we need to change in this country - and are also the problems with this sexist, disgraceful video that disrespects women, disrespects marriage, and disrespects Mr. Obama's wife.

I respect my wife and I respect other women as individuals with intelligence, imagination, and the ability to make important decisions vital to America, not as people who can only make decisions based on "sex appeal". I didn't even think there was a question of respecting women as such equals in America in the year 2007... in the 21st century, for God's sake. But clearly there are many who seek to treat women with complete and utter disrepect even now.

Mr. Obama, I hope you do the right thing for American women and your family and quickly condemn this disgraceful and sexist video. We need to pull together as a nation, and the starts by treating American men AND American women with the respect and dignity that they deserve. This disgraceful, sexist video undermines the need to pull our nation together.


This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. It's pretty sad that someone will take so much time out of their day to support someone who has come from an evident radical Muslim background--are we really going to vote the same type of person into office who we are fighting abroad?!?!?! Open your eyes people....


You are extremely creative and talented. You have the look to be successful but that's not important. It's really about your mentality. You are probably strong intellectually. Inquiring minds will want to know why you chose this particular mechanism to express your ideals and if other forces participated in this...then why and what's the "end game?" I wish you the best in all future endeavors that are done to educate and not injure anyone's character. Let me know when I get to do my exclusive interview...I'm at [email protected] good care of yourself!

Christopher Boyle

Pathetic; an insult to women voters. Obama should consider that pandering to strippers achieves nothing - strippers don't vote because they are too self-absorbed to take the time to register to vote. Any political consultant knows that. This video is the beginning of the end for Obama.

D Wright

It's funny and shouldn't be taken any further than that. The men, who wish a woman this pretty had a crush on them, are JEALOUS! If she was singing about your ugly, lonely asses, it would be fine. Untighten your draws and laugh!

Tony in Australia

You are HOT!


Too many people in this comments section sooking!

Laura: Health care has worked pretty damn well here in Australia. To compare health care to socialism is just empty neocon rhetoric.

To everyone sooking about the risque nature of it.. IT'S A TOUNGE IN CHEEK INTERNET VIDEO.

Awesome work. Obama for president, Obamagirl for billboard #1


You're a lot of ways. If that was really you singing, you should be proud. After all of this press, you'll probably get a deal too. This is a very resourseful and witty trick on your part. Kudos to you and good luck.

You're "all that" and you probably have pretty feet too.

Yacht Master

ya? well i got a crush on the obama girl. that's it, i'm running for president. yacht master for president '08. i got more than health care reforms to keep you warm... o and by the way, loved the part with you dancin with mr. fish-net-shirt. classic!

Yacht Master


Student Insurance

Hey Girl! You rock!


To Adam: What is sooking?


Ah, sorry.
Sooking is kind of complaining... except more colloquial, kind of complaining where it really isnt nessecary.

I like Skanks

This ho is hot! I would fuck her even after Obama was finished with her.


However, she is babe!!!! and its great sense of humore since he doesn't have a chance to win anything except his 15 mins of fame!

Anemone Riva

"It's pretty sad that someone will take so much time out of their day to support someone who has come from an evident radical Muslim background--are we really going to vote the same type of person into office who we are fighting abroad?!?!?! Open your eyes people...."

It's pretty sad that you think this... What evidence are you basing this off of? Obviously not his memoirs, which say he is "deeply rooted in the Christian faith" or any other respectable publication, all of which confirm he is a Christian. I seriously can't get over the idiocy of this comment! Please, for the sake of humanity, don't go out and vote.
And Obamagirl, THANK YOU!!! Don't listen to these stupid comments, "Oh, this is the downfall of Obama's campaign" sure, whatever. Do you know how wonderful it is to see other young women like me interested in politics? This is obviously a tongue-in-cheek song, and I will assume that you are not just voting for Obama because you think he's handsome (although, he is, really, and that's just a fact of life. I wouldn't vote for him if his ideas were not close to mine, or if I thought he was going to be a bad president.)
This video made me laugh, and was very well made. Keep up the good work.

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